How to Delete Backups on WhatsApp on Android

Step 1


Launch your file manager. A file manager app lets you browse and manage your files in your device’s storage. Most phones and other mobile devices will have a file manager app that comes pre-installed.

If you don’t already have a file manager app, you can download one from Google Play for free.

Step 2


Open your Internal storage or SD card storage folder. Most file managers will open up to a home screen for you to choose where to look at. Your options could include Pictures, Music, Documents, and Downloads. You can access your WhatsApp folder in either one of your Internal storage or SD card storage folders.

Step 3


Scroll down and tap the WhatsApp folder. You will see a list of folders in your mobile storage. Find and tap the WhatsApp folder to see the contents of it.

Most file manager apps will have a search function. If you see a magnifying glass icon on your screen, you can tap on it and search “WhatsApp.”

Step 4


Tap and hold the Databases folder. This is where your chat and profile backups are stored. Tapping and holding will highlight the folder.

Step 5


Select the Delete option. Depending on the file manager app you’re using, this option could look like a trash can icon, or a button that says Delete on it.